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Title: Possible downtime tommorow morning early - 01:00 to 07:00 the 1st of Nov
Post by: Eisbein on October 31, 2008, 09:35:06 AM
Got this from the service provider this morning.

Dear W

Server Hostname:

In the interest of maintaining a safe and secure server environment for our clients, we are constantly updating and upgrading our server software and offerings. Server security is of utmost importance to us.
Recently it has come to the attention of our system administrators that this particular server is due for such an update. This particular update has been classified as Urgent and unfortunately does involve some downtime to complete.

As a result, we will be scheduling immediate server maintenance for this server. The downtime will be kept minimal and as best we can within non-peak hours. We feel that this maintenance is required to ensure that this server runs with optimal performance, reliability, and above all security.

There will be one downtime involved with this process.

The downtime is as follows:

DATE: The Morning of November 1

MAINTENANCE WINDOW: 01:00am - 7:00am SAT (GMT +2)

DOWNTIME: Approximately 3 hours. This is a rough estimate and may change.

REASON: We will be reloading the OS on this server. This will account for roughly 1 hour of this downtime. After the server has been reloaded, we will be copying the data from the backups generated earlier onto the server. The drive copy will account for the remainder of the downtime.