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Mwangi Knocks the door at 3am.

Wife: Go back where you coming from

Mwangi: Open the door or I throw myselfin the swimming pool

Wife: Go ahead and kill yourself, u think I care. Alcohol & those gals will burry you.

Mwangi stands near the dark part of thegate gets a Big stone waits for 2 minutes, throws it into the swimming pool,scheweeooaaaaw..!!
Wife hears and opens the door quickly runstowards the swimming pool.Mwangi tip toes, sneaks into the house then locks the door.

Wife: Open the door or I will shout...

Mwangi: Shout till neighbors come & tell them where you are coming from this time of the night with only a panty & a bra!

Bly nederig en waardeer wat jy het, dit kan binne oomblikke van jou weggeneem word.
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