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Author Topic: My holiday -- the way home.  (Read 1213 times)
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 On the way home we had more goodies than on the way there. We had filled most of our empty water bottles with fresh mountain water for the orchids at home. They seem to flourish much better with the unprocessed water.

 As we left camp we decided to take the N2 home. That way we were able to stop at Robberg fisheries for their smoked Tuna kebabs. The Engel freezer was almost empty except for the chicken steaks so loaded it with fish. Prices seemed cheaper than here in the Western Cape. From Plett to the other side of Sedgefield took just under 1 hours. Traffic in Knysna was at a virtual stand still for a stupid roadblock on the outskirts of town. They asked if you have a drivers licence, but you dont have to show them. Also questions about your holiday. Utter cr@p. Bang Head Bang Head Bang Head

 We decided not to drive all the way home and stayed at Keurboomen Lodge near Swellendam. Huge fly problems there. I think they were hatching out in the house, as their numbers just never got less. I am not a lover of Doom etc, but I made an exception here.
 In Ashton the following morning we decided to visit a wine farm or two. I was looking for Grape juice. First off we stopped at Ashton Cellars. Closed until Jan 2008. Next cellar same story. They must have so many other loyal customers that they deem it not necessary. At a wine shop in Robertson, we were able to buy Sparkling grape juice from most of the cellars that were closed. Then it was autopilot back home. On our Return to Cape Town we always drive over the top and not through the tunnel. With the ever-changing landscape and farmlands there is always a different angle for photos.

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