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Author Topic: Mail Notifications not always coming through  (Read 1598 times)
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Some of you might have noticed that mail notifications about 'subscribed topics' or PM's doesn't come through to your mailbox.

My service provider only allows 200 e-mails per hour to go through the system (to prevent spam).

I'm hosting two forums on the site and due to the activity on both and the other e-mail accounts that I also host it does happen sometimes that the 200 e-mail threshold gets ecceeded. If that happens the messages that the forum wants to send just get dropped. I don't think it to be too much of an issue, as this is a social forum and none of the stuff here is 'life or death', but I am busy talking to the service provider about other options.

So this isn't a 'boots and all' commitment to get it sorted asap (although I am working on it as it irritates me), but rather just so that you know why it happens when it does.

Btw - the traffic on the site is still 1 / 12th of what I can use, so don't stop viewing and posting now...

Grin Grin

Thanks all!


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