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TB & GC statistics for 15 April 2011:

There are 1019 TBs and GCs in 673 of the 5329 active South African caches.

This implies that about one in eight caches contain at least one trackable, on average. Or one in five, if one assumes that micros can not contain trackables.

The long term (2 year) growth is 1 more trackable every 5 days.

There are currently 6 caches with 10 or more trackables:
GC1GZ0K - Little Netherlands TB Hotel: 20 trackables
GC251A0 - Rosenheim 43 TB Hotel: 17 trackables
GC1RN78 - Ki-Deo - TB's Place To Call Home!: 13 trackables
GCMYYZ - Table Top Trove: 12 trackables
GC1B7N5 - Pretoria Hitch Hiker Hotel: 11 trackables
GC2CG7X - Bertram Garden TB Hotel: 10 trackables

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